Shaputer Computer Services

Here are some basic utilities that will aid you in your cyber experiences.

All of these links lead you to useful utilities that are completely FREE !!


       Ever need a small and quick unit conversion program that covers just about everything ?  I present the "Drafters Swiss Army Knife"
ShaConvert 2.0 It's unit conversion program that also has mechanical drafting specification sheets, and 3 different calculators ! 
       It also has a couple of geometric calculations also.  What's best is that it
is 100% free of charge.
       click here to download


This is a file compression program. It will be needed to uncompress downloaded internet files such as .zip, .rar and .ace, etc.



This is the best movie file player there is !! It works with all movie file formats such as .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .dat, etc.

Video Lan Media player. VLC Player


Make sure your computer is protected from ALL SpyWare and Trojan Horses with this program.

SpyBot Search and Destroy.


Here is a GREAT *FREE* Anti-Virus Program. I highly recommend it !!!

AVG Anti-Virus software